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How to Play Roulette Game Live in India

Since its inception in the 18th century in France, the game Roulette has become one of the most popular gambling games.

This game has been part of the casino’s favorite games, achieving worldwide success.

Bringing excitement to every gambler, whether online or with land-based casino houses.

It has readily dominated brick-and-mortar casinos over the years.

The majority of gamblers want to play this game as it’s somehow addicting, entertaining and has one of the best odds among other games in terms of payouts.

How to Play Roulette Game Live in India

How to Play Roulette Game Live in India

As the new innovations of casinos are popular these days, many gamers are also adopting this by playing Roulette Online Game.

Roulette W88 is one of the famous brands in India that features the best tables produced by well-kn0wn software providers.

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Roulette W88 and The Club 2022

Roulette games online have been popular these days as people have easier access to the internet.

Playing online casino games is, of course, convenient and more rewarding compared to local land-based casinos.

It’s both a wonder and a blessing to be able to play these games straight to your home anytime and anywhere.

How to Play Roulette?

Roulette W88 and The Club 2022

Roulette W88 and The Club 2022

The game is so simple and straightforward as all you need to do is to place a bet from the table.

Wait for the ball to take place from the wheel, then win!

Players can choose to place a whether an Inside or Outside Bets.

Each bet type has different payouts of up to 35x of your wager.

> Outside Bets > Inside Bets
  • High (19-36) / Low (1-18)
  • Black / Red
  • Even / Odd
  • Dozen Bet
  • Column Bet
  • Single or Straight
  • Split
  • Square or Corner
  • Street
  • Double Street or Six Line
  • Trio
  • First Four
  • Basket

The above table shows various kinds of bets under outside and inside bets.

There are two types of table design you can play with; American or European design.

American design has double zero (00) while the European has only one (0).

Roulette W88 and The Club 2022 - Wheel Design

Roulette W88 and The Club 2022 – Wheel Design

Roulette online game has the same rules as on-site tables.

Become a winner by guessing what number or groups the ball will land on the table.

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Register W88 and Play Roulette Games Online

Register W88 and Play Roulette Games Online

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Aside from the Roulette games online, you may also enjoy other live casino table games such as India’s favorite Baccarat, the Blackjack, Sicbo, Dragon Tiger, and many more.

Summary with Roulette W88

Without W88, your Indian online gambling will be incomplete.

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